Cross Point is actively seeking someone for the position of College Minister. Please see the job description and details below. If you have any questions, contact the church office at 256-764-4073.

Part-Time College Minister Job Description

 At Cross Point we have the expectation that all our staff (full or part time or volunteer), ministry leaders, elders, deacons, teachers, and Admin Team members will be ALL IN for our church family.  All in means each person will support in a positive manner (with words, actions, giving, and otherwise) the church family, the church mission, and the church leadership.

 The Cross Point leadership desires for the college ministry to focus on college age students.  The focus will be on young people, typically 18-23 years old range.  For young adults/post-college, we want the college minister and volunteers to encourage transition to and participation in our Bridge class or other young professional groups more suited to this age.


This is a part-time position and requires the minister to work approximately 18-20 hours per week.  From time to time the elders, the EMT, and/or the Executive Minister may ask for documentation of a staff member’s work schedule in the form of time sheets to ensure work is being done. 


As a part time college minister, we expect at a minimum the following things to be done:


Bible Study/Classes - Engage in personal Bible study time preparing to teach the Word to our college students.  Plan appropriate curriculum for them in our Cross Point college classes.  Teach classes when necessary (to help with relationship building) but also be looking for ways to bring in guest teachers from inside and outside the congregation.  Rotate the guest teachers often and keep the class material fresh.  ** Outside teachers should be approved by the elders.


  • Sunday morning/Wednesday evening college classes – our desire is to have a vibrant, Bible based, exciting class environment for the group.  We realize on Wednesdays there may be off-campus worship events/activities.
  • Sunday evening classes and activities – the college ministry should continue offering opportunities for fellowship, devotionals, meals, and/or service projects on Sunday evenings.  Sunday nights are a great opportunity to involve other Cross Point families who can host, teach, serve, and form relationships with the students.
  • You are required to take whatever steps are necessary to maintain Cross Point’s Recognized Student Organization (RSO) status at UNA (See and not let it lapse, and to obtain any comparable RSO status at NWSCC.
  • Document in the Elexio (Church Management Software) notes section each student in the ministry with personal information for each student.  You must keep a list of the core group and other students involved in the college ministry and document how you or other volunteers are contacting them, if they are baptized, likes/dislikes, relationships, organizations they are involved in, jobs, etc… these notes must be updated weekly.   **A volunteer could help enter this information, but it needs to be kept current.
  • If you have any additional time during each week, we expect you to use that time to build relationships with our college students who are involved in the ministry, guests visiting the college ministry, and spend time on college campuses working on those relationships and pulling other students into the Cross Point College Ministry.



Staff and Miscellaneous:

  • Attend weekly staff meetings (when possible) and support the overall work and mission of Cross Point.
  • Work in a cohesive, positive relationship with the ministry staff and engage in meetings.
  • Turn in e-bulletin items by Thursday at lunch, complete reimbursement forms, online sign-up forms, and other office financial form requirements in a timely manner.
  • Complete an annual budget for the College ministry each year in September and work in a positive and cohesive relationship with the Cross Point Admin Team.
  • For questions about the day-to-day operations of Cross Point or specific questions that may arise in your ministry, or this job description consult with the Executive Minister, Mark Killen.