Cross Point is actively seeking someone for the position of Children's Minister. This person would be responsible for ministering to children ages Kindergarten through 6th grade.

The qualities we are looking for in an individual to fill the position of full-time Children’s Minister are as follows:
- The best candidate for Cross Point
- A passion for children and their families
- Experience leading children spiritually
- A Bible teacher, grounded in the Word
- Available to be "All-In" for Cross Point
- Charisma that appeals to children and their families



  •          Responsible for lining up teachers/substitutes for Kindergarten through 6th grade classes, and Kids’ Worship
  •          Classroom prep/cleaning/resetting, supply ordering/restocking
  •          Supervise class-time drop-offs and pickups in Children’s Center hallway, along with Preschool Minister
  •          Responsible for lining up security workers, greeters, and other needed volunteers
  •          Attend weekly staff meetings (Tuesdays at 10 AM)
  •          Check upcoming activities/events and do necessary planning
  •          Announcements for eBulletin
  •          Posting of events, encouragement, info/pictures, or other online content
  •          Visitor follow-up
  •          Attending children’s school/extracurricular activities
  •          Recordkeeping in Elexio (adding school info, interests, hobbies, sports, etc.)
  •          Communicate with our students and/or parents if a student is absent
  •          Maintaining your spiritual health


  •          Obtain Sunday curriculum rotations and adapt/write for Cross Point use
  •          Plan/purchase/prepare Wednesday curriculum
  •          Secure and train teachers/assistants, send upcoming curriculum to them
  •          Check in with each family
  •          At least one activity outside of church times (fun, service, training, Bible study, etc.)
  •          Meet with Executive Minister


  •          Review financial reports and adjust budget as needed
  •          Meet with Children’s Ministry Advisory Team, along with Preschool Minister


  •          Take lead on annual teacher training to go over curriculum, volunteer responsibilities, etc., (Preschool Minister will assist)
  •          Form a budget and look ahead with Preschool Minister (September)
  •          Evaluate last year’s events
  •          Plan out and schedule major events for the year
  •          Promotion of 6th graders to Youth Group along with Youth Minister
  •          Update Elexio groups to promote kids to next class level

As Needed:

  •          Communicate plans and events for approval through the ROC office for scheduling purposes
  •          Keep the shepherds up to date of any spiritual needs of a student in their shepherding group
  •          Order supplies
  •          Attend and support church wide events and activities
  •          Involve children, when possible, in our church wide activities
  •          Keep track of and welcome new families to the ministry and walk them through our children’s routines
  •          Work in conjunction with Chosen Ministry about foster and adoptive children
  •          Keep track of allergies, special needs, emotional needs, family situations
  •          Step up and teach
  •          For questions about the day-to-day operations of Cross Point or specific questions that may arise daily in your ministry consult with the Executive Minister, Mark Killen.

Basic Info

Full time position; hours flexible

Office hours to be worked out with Executive Minister and Office Manager

Work together with other Preschool Minister on events – with one or the other taking the lead

We expect both Children’s Ministers to work in supporting roles for one another


  •          We currently have 10 classes (birth-6th grade) during 9:45 Sunday Bible class (22 teachers/assistants)
  •          Nursery staffed in both services with 2-3 in each
  •          Wigglers staffed in 10:30 service with 2-3
  •          Kids’ Worship staffed in both services with 2 in each, plus tween/teen helpers in 10:30
  •          Hallway monitors/check-in station helpers 3-4
  •          Security person during both services and Bible class (typically 3 different people)



  •          We currently have 6 Bible classes with 2 teachers in each


Current Major Events:

  •          Father/Daughter date, Mother/Son date, Easter Egg Hunt, Mission Florence/VBS, Camp Glow, various summer activities, Back-to-School Bash, Child Dedication Day, Fall Festival/Trunk-or-Treat, Breakfast with Santa, Christmas Program, 5th/6th Grade activities

Interested parties should submit a resume to Mark Killen, Executive Minister, at If you have any questions, contact Mark at 256.764.4073 or 256.648.9737.