Arrive at 9:10 AM; stay as needed

  • Be sure teachers are present and have what they need – if teacher is late, watch class
  • Be sure security worker present; turn on security camera monitor – if no one shows, text person on list or Jonathan Florida
  • Greet visitors, help parents with filling out visitor sticker and show to red desk class/Bible check-in, and instruct on pick-up
  • Walk late kids over to Student Center classes as needed
  • Count total children and teachers (use Bible desk roster for Pre-K thru 6th, physically count in rooms behind red desk) and text counts to Chad Jenkins
  • Assist with any emergencies; jump in as extra set of hands in classes as needed
  • Assist with class dismissal and connecting kids to parents
  • Once all kids dismissed, collect walkies & charge as needed
  • After 2nd Service – turn off all lights (or designate someone to do so if you cannot stay)


Arrive at 9:10; can leave to go to adult class and come back at 10:10 for dismissal

  • Greet children at door; encourage parents to drop at door, unless children are 3 or younger and then parents can walk in to red desk to drop off with Mrs. Heather
  • With 5 min left in class, hand out walkie-talkies to each classroom in Children’s Center
  • Dismiss by using walkie to call for children as you see parents walking down sidewalk toward Children’s Center. It helps a lot to have two people – one as spotter and one calling names on walkie.

Bible Station

Arrive at 9:10; can leave to go to class and come back to re-shelve Bibles after class

  • Handing out Bibles as Children walk up, checking them off on roster, directing to correct classroom
  • Visitors are written in on bottom of roster and given a “loaner” visitor Bible (the ones with hearts on spines)